ORBIS® Circle Ruler

  • Replace more than 30 templates, saving money and time.
  • Uses 0.5 pencil or pigment pen for drawing make-up.
  • 100% centering with no setting-up time.
  • Bold line circle making is also possible.
  • Easier to draw radial arcs with ORBIS.
ORBIS® Circle Ruler
  • From 25 to 150mm dia. in every millimeter cutting size.
  • Precision, simple set up - aim and cut.
  • Safety design for changing the cutting blade.
  • Max. thickness 1 mm for paper, acetate, stencils, cloth, balsa, etc
  • With accessaries: Cutting mat, 360rotating kinife & 3 spare blades.

ORBIS® Circle Cutter

ORBIS® Circle Cutter

Staple Remover

  • Efficient to remove staple
  • The easiest & fastest way to remove staples.
  • No tearing paper or document.
  • Available for No.10, 26/6, B8, No.3, 23/8, etc.
  • Modern appearance designed to be used easily like scissors.
Staple Remover

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